Written by Krakovia with ❤️

Why should i read this book?

This book is for three kind of persons:

  1. New Developers
    You're a new developer (or aspiring to be one) and you'll find immense value in what lies ahead.
  2. Project Managers
    You want a deeper understanding of web3 to help managing a team or project.
  3. Curious Minds
    You're simply curious about how you can do things in web3

If you just discovered smart contracts but you're lost,
or you already started but don't know what to do next,
this book is for you.

View your skills as points in a game.
You need lot of points or peoples who has those points and work with them towards a bigger goal.
Here you can acquire web3 skills & some soft-skills along the path.

Having the knowledge of knowing what's going on when you send one transaction on the blockchain give you an unfair advantage versus who doesn't.
There are plenty of god-tier articles about this, one of the best is This one
The author hit the core essence of this book but with a different approach.
Some pages have both Easy & fast way.

ˮSo, I'm sorry for the clickbait-y title.
This was never about what happens when you send 1 DAI.
It was about having the possibility to understand it.ˮ

It's a mind-shift you may consider to do.
You just need to approach web3 in a different way.

Let me introduce you,
The web3Handbook.

Welcome to Web3 Handbook

This whole book has two end-goals:

  1. give lot of value to new developers and unlock their true potential
    giving them the "what" and "how".
  2. inspire actual developers to share their knowledge or skills
    in a book like this and help the space to grow.

If you're an experienced developer those pages may feel like boring stuff =)
The content of this book assumes a basic understanding of Solidity and software development.
However, even if you have no programming background you can still grasp some core concepts.
The key lies in practice. dedicate time to re-write contracts or entire workspaces until they become easy for you.
Most of what you'll find here is learned through hands-on experience and countless wasted nights.

It will empower you to take an entire project online on any EVM blockchain within a matter of minutes, requiring minimal effort.
At the same time will go through some of the problems and troubles you can get during a development session.
Some pages are full of troubles and that's intended because it happens.
All the time.
Nothing goes as expected in life but... we work with a deterministic system... maybe we can use this in our advantage.
If we know the inputs and most of the possible outputs we may predict the output retults with an high chance to be right.

I've prepared a workspace and I'm sharing that with everyone.
I'll also share some of the troubles I've encountered and how i resolved them, saving you countless hours of debugging or going screaming naked in the streets.

And if you wondering, it's all available for free.

I'm not a content writer and this is my first attempt on writing something that can give value to anyone.

As a self-taught developer, everything you'll read here comes from my personal experience, involving all the elements discussed in this post.
I'm not an auditor nor a certified blockchain engineer.

My intention is to provide value to everyone with the hope of aiding new developers in transitioning from theoretical learning to practical application, instead of incessantly seeking answers or getting lost.
If you notice anything wrong or have a simple suggestion, feel free to send me a PM on Telegram

You have two paths to choose from certain pages:

  1. The Easy Way1
  2. The Fast Way
  • In the first one i explain more in-depth what we are doing to reach "the easy way".
  • in the second one i'll explain how to get the shit done and go online. step by step, with basic instructions.
    Once you're done with this book you should be able to deploy anything in minutes and resolve problems that you may face in your journey.

Both pages share the same code, it's just a different path for the same thing.
The easy way is the longest one but more detailed.

None of the contracts have been audited.
If you intend to deploy on the mainnet with real money, consulting a professional auditor or an auditing firm is highly suggested.
Even if most of the code here seems fine to me, i cannot audit my own code.

Better safe then sorry.

This book is dedicated to all the peoples I've encountered during this journey.
If you know me, this book is dedicated to you.


If you find those lessons hard you need to make pratice. Do pratice until those become easy. Because they are.